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The Visionaries Behind DigiTelescope’s People-First Digital Services Journey

About us

The Story of Passion, Innovation, and Lasting Connections

DigiTelescope was founded in 2018 by a passionate group of digital-savvy technologists to create a people-first digital services firm that is highly responsive, flexible, and believes in investing in – and sustaining – long-term relationships.

The founding team’s members, having worked closely with each other for several years, are driven by the shared philosophy of “devoting time to listen and understand before diving into solutioning and implementation.” This philosophy is also the foundation of our belief that “the triumph of our customers is our victory too.”

We Ensure Uninterrupted Business Continuity for Your Success

The DigiTelescope team is that finely-tuned, in-complete-sync-with-each-other group of experts that companies need to invest their valuable time and resources on impactful strategizing instead of worrying about business continuity.

Over the last five years, DigiTelescope has been the ‘Preferred Partner’ of start-ups, mid-sized as well as enterprise-level companies for innovative technology, consulting, and outsourcing services. We have been growth and success catalysts for several companies in this time, having helped establish multiple Centers of Excellence for Technology Innovation while clocking double-digit growth during this period.


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