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AI & ML Services

We maintain a data-driven mindset all throughout the engagement, whether it is during strategy support phase or model development phase, and focus on utilization of big data and machine learning by empowered business users. We have capability to help evolve solutions that start as process automation to cognitive insight and finally cognitive engagement when systems work autonomously.



Propensity Modelling

Targeted marketing campaigns based on insights provided by propensity models for a large eCommerce client. Improved campaign effectiveness.

Risk Analytics

Client mandated solution that can automate the lending process, credit checks, design alerts to monitor anomalies & outliers and identify high risk customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Developed an automated process solution that continuously monitors sensor data to predict upcoming downtime/faults and raise tickets ahead of time.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual shopping assistant to help shoppers find the best products in the easiest way across multiple domains like Retail, eCommerce and Healthcare.

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