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Your Trusted Partner In Making Data Driven Decisions

We are a Data Analytics & AI solutions company that helps businesses make data-driven decisions

AI & ML Services

Empowering retailers to become data-driven organizations

Advanced Analytics

Unpack business insights to identify new opportunities

Data Management

Turn your data into a strategic and valuable asset

Drive Organizational Change


Harness the Might of AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML can maximize revenue by turning data into doing new ways of business. Push boundaries and redefine what’s possible in todays complex world with AI while avoiding its pitfalls


Transform into an Analytics Powerhouse

Leverage data and actionable insights to make informed decisions and gain competitive edge. Transform your organization into an analytics powerhouse


Maximise value from your Data Assets

Unlock insights and drive innovation by maximizing the value of your business data. Empower your organization with the right data at the right time

Building an Efficient & Intelligent Tomorrow

End-to-end Solutions

360 degree coverage of services and solutions from assessment to managed services with complete automation.

Technology Agnostic

Focus on the big picture strategy and be as tech-forward or backward compatible to develop solutions based on priorities.

Smart Innovations

We align our products & services with the requirements of the market, customers and develop smart innovations for digital transformation.


Retail & E-Commerce


Information Management

Financial Services


AI & ML Services

Take advantage of the data-driven mindset that leverages cutting-edge technologies to develop world class solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Uncover complex patterns in your data to anticipate and prepare your business for the next business opportunity.

Data Management

Ensuring available, accurate, and accessible data. Transformation needs to take place in the way businesses consume data protection and cloud needs to be at the center of that evolution.

Data Engineering

Maximize the value of your data assets by leveraging modern approaches to make extraction of data insights a daily business process.


Discover the most efficient way to deliver highly available services that can scale with your business growth and keep you ahead of competition.

User Experience

Deliver a complete digital experience like a glue binding together all the touch points creating omnichannel experiences using better practices.

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Propensity Modelling

Targeted marketing campaigns based on insights provided by propensity models for a large eCommerce client. Improved campaign effectiveness.

Risk Analytics

Client mandated solution that can automate the lending process, credit checks, design alerts to monitor anomalies & outliers and identify high risk customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Developed an automated process solution that continuously monitors sensor data to predict upcoming downtime/faults and raise tickets ahead of time.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual shopping assistant to help shoppers find the best products in the easiest way across multiple domains like Retail, eCommerce and Healthcare.

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Director of Data Science, Retail Marketplace

The assistance we got from Amnet Digital was the glue that kept together our transformation initiatives for FY 2019-20. They stayed on top of our challenging unstructured data and provided world-class data analysis. We were able to unearth hidden relationships in our customers buying patterns for better forecast and bundling of products.

VP Engineering, Information Management Company

We developed a great partnership with Amnet Digital and their dedication towards our digital transformation was commendable. We appreciate their attention to detail, modernization approach, incorporation of machine learning & automation of age-old and time-intensive documentation & data deduplication processes.

VP Engineering, E-Commerce Company

We would like to express our satisfaction regarding the development of our eCommerce web application. Amnet's application engineering team did a very professional job. We are satisfied with the solution given to us and with the communication flow through the project. We look forward to working with them in future projects.